We are a group of experts working on eye-catching projects with great effort in the creation, development, planning, training, and execution of beverage concepts.

We specialize in F&B innovation, focusing on new trends and guest experiences. Our work includes beverage development, cocktail consulting, bar menu design, beverage strategy, and unique services, including creative brand experiences and engaging, interactive training programs.

Our definition of a good bar it’s a place I’d like stay at.
— Robert Deniro

Adolfo Martínez

With over 18 years in the entertainment and F&B industry, Adolfo is a person who, from a young age, had the vision to create disruptive consumer centers that encompass his love for architecture, art, and music.

He holds an administrative career and a master’s degree in finance, and is the founder and operator of Dorado Group, Toledo Roof Top, Salazar, Mistereo, Casa Prunes, and Sunday Sunday.

Mica Rousseau

With 22 years in the hospitality and cocktail industry, Mica is one of the most recognized bartenders in Mexico and on the international scene.

He is the creator of multi-award-winning concepts such as Fifty Mils (Four Seasons Mexico) and Casa Prunes CDMX. Additionally, he is recognized as one of the greatest mentors globally.

let's celebrate
2003-2008 Bacardi Martini France national winner Havana grand prix France winner 42 Bellow finalist France Mojito Cup 2nd Place France
2011 Patron Mexico 2nd Place
2012 Bacardi Legacy Mexico winner
2011 Patron Mexico 2nd Place
2013 Bacardi Legacy global finalist
2014 Diageo World Class Mexico 2nd place
2016 Diageo World Class Mexico winner
2016 Diageo global World Class Finalist ( ranking #7 in the world, #1 in America )
2017 Diageo World class Mexico winner as coach ( ranking #8 in the world)
2017 Bacardi legacy Mexico winner as coach ( finalist global)
2018 Diageo World class winner Mexico winner as Coach (ranking #7 in the world)
2022 Diageo World class winner Mexico winner as Coach ( ranking #5 in the world)
2023 Diageo World Class 2023
Bar awards
2016 Best new opening in America Latina by New York Times
2017 Best Hotel Bar Mexico City
2017 Bacardi Legacy Mexico winner
2017 #65 at the 50 best bars in the world
2018 #45 at the 50 best bars in the world
2018 Top 4 at TOTC as best international hotel bar
2018 best bar team at bartender awards Mexico
2016-2018 Different local awards
2022 Discovery with Casa Prunes